10 Ways to improve disability recruitment in PR

Here’s the thing about most EDI statements for recruitment, they’re doing the bare minimum.

You’re an equal opportunities employer, great! It’s the law.

You support applications from marginalised groups? Wonderful. That’s still a pretty low bar.

We can and should be aiming higher and being bolder about what we’re saying and how we’re saying it.

Instead of telling applicants that ‘applications from diverse candidates are welcome’ tell them how you’re enabling this. Instead of a dry, bland paragraph of text which states the obvious, think about the ways in which you can widen who applies for the role.

The standard Equality and Diversity statements can leave disabled people with more questions than answers. They don’t talk about the physically accessibility of the working space, the flexible working options available, what you’re doing as a business to ensure more people from diverse backgrounds apply for positions.

Here are just some of the questions which might run through the mind of someone with a disability or impairment when we see this catch all statement.

  1. There are no details of whether this has flexible working or job share opportunities.
  2. I don’t know if the building and workplace is accessible, if I apply can I even attend the interview?
  3. Is the actual application accessible?
  4. Has the organisation gone through any disability training?
  5. Do you have any other disabled team members?
  6. Will I be able to take part in social activities?
  7. Do I disclose at application stage, at interview stage, at all?

There is so much opportunity to improve what we say and how we say it but breaking out of the familiar routine can be hard and it’s not always clear where or how to start. To get thinking more creatively download our 10 ways to improve disability recruitment in PR worksheet. It’s got some simple, easily implementable tips and tricks to immediately elevate your recruitment practices.

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Changing up our recruitment practices is perhaps on of the fastest and easiest ways to make public relations more appealing and welcoming to disabled people. Simple modifications to the process can have a positive and lasting impact.

Have another tip that’s not on our list? Share it in the comments and let’s support each other in our diversity efforts.

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