In person training

INPR’s range of in-person inclusion training courses are designed to strengthen and complement ongoing EDI work happening within an organisation.

Workshops to transform workplaces

Coming from a PR and media background of almost two decades my training incorporates nuances and needs of the public relations sector and combines it with my lived experience of disability.

From practical, interactive sessions for the whole team to specialised training for senior managers, INPR training is the only disability focused training with a detailed understanding of public relations and communication.

My training workshops include:

  • Models of Disability
  • Identity first / Person first
  • Disability history
  • Disability in the media
  • Accessibility
  • Power dynamics
  • Challenging harmful language/behaviour/narratives
  • Workshop sessions for attendees to put learning into place
  • Recent, relevant examples from PR and media

Available workshops

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From £1,495

This half day session training for up to 12 people, gives PR and comms professionals the tools and knowledge to understand the history, use and power of disability language and why it’s critical to creating disability inclusive PR campaigns.

This session covers the following topics:

  • Language and disabled identity
  • Language and ableism
  • Accessible language
  • Narratives and storytelling
  • Working with journalists
  • Disability language best practice
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Reviews of this workshop:

“Sara’s session was very well put together. She knew what she wanted to talk about and delivered it in a very structured and well balanced way. She was articulate with all of her points coming across clearly. She allowed us to reflect and pointed out some nuances we often take for granted when it comes to nurturing diverse talent. I really enjoyed the pace and the learnings. She had my attention from start to finish.

“Sara’s session was excellent and I left with lots on my mind and talking with colleagues more about disability which is an area I didn’t previously feel as comfortable with. She illustrated things that on the whole make work better for everyone but also helped me to think particularly from the lens of disability and the ranges of forms it takes. I really enjoyed the big picture challenges of ideas of professionalism and productivity in capitalist workplace and the critical legal frameworks and rights to understand disability and the different ways we can tackle discrimination and build more inclusive workplaces. Sara brought an excellent mix of humour, empathy and energy to her presentation.”

Nurturing disabled talent in PR and comms

From £1,495

This half day training course for up to 12 people is aimed at senior leaders and directors with responsibility for managing staff. It gives PR leaders the confidence and knowledge to support disabled employees and help them thrive in the world of PR and comms.

This session covers the following topics:

  • Legal obligations and rights
  • Managing disclosure of disability
  • Disability inclusive hiring and interviewing
  • Retention of disabled employees
  • Promotion of disabled employees
  • Two breakout workshop sessions to put learning into practice
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From £1,495

This half day session for up to 12 people is centred around how we as PR practitioners ensure a realistic representation of disability in our campaigns. How do we avoid falling into harmful stereotypes, how do we use language that’s inclusive, what imagery should we use? How do we talk about the campaign, how do we pitch it to journalists?

This session is a practical workshop covering

  • Examples of good and bad disability campaigns
  • Harmful media narratives and how to avoid them
  • Inclusive imagery
  • Sensitivity reading
  • Using the Social Model of Disability to guide campaigns
  • Mock campaign plan and idea generation based on learning

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