Online training

INPR’s range of online disability inclusion training sessions are suitable for all levels of knowledge and are beneficial for people working at any level in PR or communication.

Accessible, convenient inclusion training

My training sessions combine my lived experience of disability and knowledge of disability issues with my own PR background as a former agency owner and Chartered PR professional with almost two decades of experience in this industry.

My training sessions include:

  • Models of Disability
  • Identity first / Person first
  • Disability history
  • Disability in the media
  • Accessibility
  • Power dynamics
  • Challenging harmful language/behaviour/narratives

Available online courses

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the current state of disability inclusion in PR, through the latest data.
  • Understand the biggest challenges facing PR as it becomes disability inclusive.
  • Understand how language and media narratives around disability impact our decision making.
  • Get quick wins on how to improve disability inclusion in your PR organisations.

An intro to disability in PR

An intro to disability in PR is a scene-setting course for people new to disability inclusion. It provides insight and foundational learning on issues related to disability inclusion in public relations and comms.

It’s ideal to understand where we are as a sector in relation to disability inclusion and the primary issues affecting our profession.

From £425 per group

Learning outcomes:

  • How to align your internal and external communications with the Social Model of Disability.
  • Increased confidence in using language related to disability.
  • How to spot and challenge harmful language in your every day roles.
  • How to challenge harmful media storytelling

Inclusive language for professional communicators

As communicators and wordsmiths we need to know how the words and language we use regarding disability affects the attitudes, actions and behaviours of society. Language is always evolving and the same is true for the language of and around disability and impairment.

This training includes:

  • the history of disability language
  • how the Social Model of Disability changed what we say and how we say it
  • identity first and person first language
  • everyday conversations in comms
  • pitching disability related stories
  • conversations with journalists

This session can be logged for CPD points with the CIPR

From £595

Learning outcomes:

  • How a lack of accessibility affects societal participation.
  • How to take an access first approach to PR work
  • What products, tools and apps can support accessibility efforts.

The CPD of Accessibility

Accessibility covers many areas – cultural, practical and digital. The CPD of Accessibility provides communicators with the tools and knowledge to implement and improve accessibility across internal processes, employee culture and external campaign and client work.

From document formats to hosting inclusive events how do we create a PR sector that’s welcoming and accessible to all?

This training covers:

  • Understanding the breadth of accessibility
  • How ableism impacts accessibility
  • Planning for accessibility
  • Accommodations versus access
  • The cost of accessibility
  • Tools and tips

From £595

Promotional image for the Nurturing Disabled talent training session. Navy text reads Inclusive Public relations Nurturing Disabled Talent, presented by Sara Thornhurst Chart. PR. There is a an illustration of people with mixed abilities and different skin tones sitting around a table working at laptops.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to improve hiring processes to encourage more disabled applicants.
  • How to adopt disability friendly systems and processes
  • How to manage disclosure.

Nurturing Disabled Talent

This training session focuses on ways PR leaders and people managers can support disabled employees in the workplace. From recruitment to retention, this course takes you through the practical steps of removing barriers and provides context around why these challenges persist in the modern comms environment.

This training covers:

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Disability inclusive recruitment
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Inclusive systems and processes
  • Inclusive cultures

This session can be logged for CPD points with the CIPR

From £595

Training and workshop testimonials

Brilliant session – great balance of historical insight, practical advice on current best practice and loved the focus on intersectionality – so much to continue to learn/unlearn.

Inclusive language for professional communicators attendee

“Really, really fascinating. One of those sessions where I realised just how much there is to learn when it comes to my own DEI journey, specifically around disabled talent. Sara was so engaging and insightful and I’ve written down lots of notes to take back to my workplace of things we can and should be doing better.

― The ‘Xec course member

Ask us a question

Do you have a question about disability inclusion or any aspect of wider diversity and inclusion but feel awkward asking it in a public space? You can send it to us anonymously and we’ll publish an answer on our site.