Why I’m running a new industry survey focused on disability

For the last decade both the CIPR and the PRCA have presented PR with a summary percentage of the number of disabled PR practitioners. Because of the scale of the reports, it’s impossible to go into granular detail, but it means our picture of disability in PR is far from complete.

If we can gather more data, more information, then we can better understand our position – what are we getting wrong and right, who are we missing, how do we progress.

With that in mind I’ve created an extensive Google Form to try and capture some of this information. Given that we’re starting from a small number, I don’t see this being an easy task, so I have an ask. Share the form far and wide – from agency to in-house to freelancers, with those who aren’t on social media, in Teams and Slack channels. The more people this reaches, the better chance we have of understanding exactly where we are.

I’ve tried to make this form as inclusive as possible in all areas, but if you see terminology or phrasing that’s not quite right – tell me. I may not get it right first time, but I will fix it.

You can access the Google Form on the link below, there’s no closing date on this and I’ll keep it open as long as possible to gather information.

This is the link to the ‘Understanding more about the UK’s disabled PR community‘.

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