Accessibility resources all comms pros should bookmark (including this blog!)

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May 18 2023 marks the 12th Global Accessibility Awareness Day. For comms professionals, accessibility continues to increase in importance. From inclusive language to tools for accessible meetings there are now many fantastic resources to ensure our communications and PR campaigns are as inclusive as possible.

This post aims to include as many links as possible, broken down by area (e.g. inclusive language) or subject. My goal is to keep updating this list as new tools become available or existing ones change. Bookmark it to keep it on hand when you’re looking for accessibility tools and resources.

Inclusive Language resources

Web accessibility resources

Meeting accessibility

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Inclusive imagery

Document accessibility

Social media accessibility

General accessibility and inclusion tools

Upcoming accessibility tools to look out for

Something missing?

INPR’s ultimate accessibility library is full of resources and links to help comms professionals develop and implement disability inclusive content.

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