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Flexible EDI and inclusion training

Accessible for individuals and teams my training sessions combine my lived experience and knowledge of disability with my extensive PR experience. This blend creates specialised training, tailored to the needs of the PR industry.

Practical skills and support

All my courses are designed to give PR and comms professionals a deeper understanding of:

  • Disability history and its impact on modern day PR and communication
  • The different Models of Disability and how they affect disability narratives
  • Inclusive language
  • Supporting disabled colleagues
  • Accessibility

Whilst at the same time building practical skills and inclusion toolkits which can be used in everyday PR and comms work.

Confident communicators

Disability is still too often a difficult subject to bring up in conversation and to tackle in our communications. Fear of ‘getting it wrong’, or simply not knowing where to start can mean disability is missed entirely in the broad spectrum of EDI. My disability inclusion training gives professional communicators the confidence to discuss campaigns through a disability lens, to call out when disability is missed out, and to be an ally to disabled colleagues.

Sara’s session was excellent and I left with lots on my mind and talking with colleagues more about disability which is an area I didn’t previously feel as comfortable with. She illustrated things that on the whole make work better for everyone but also helped me to think particularly from the lens of disability and the ranges of forms it takes.

The ‘Xec Class of 2022 Feedback

Choosing the training that’s right for you

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Distance learning – online training

Online training has enabled many more people to access brilliant content from anywhere in the world. I hold my sessions on Zoom, with Live Captioners as standard, for up to 20 people at one time. The sessions are delivered live by me and have space for discussion, reflection on learning and questions from attendees.

In person training

Prefer training delivered face-to-face at your own location? My in-person training is delivered as a half day session at your office location. The face-to-face training offers workshop options to further engage employees and give them an opportunity to put learning into practice during the session.

Training and workshop testimonials

“Sara’s session was informative and super enlightening. As a result of her session, I was able to take a step back and take stock of my privilege as someone without a disability and how I might unconsciously be perpetuating ableist views. I really enjoyed the breakout group sessions where (in my group), we had to think of inclusive ways for measuring success and promoting individuals with a disability. It led to some really interesting conversations in my group, specifically how hard it is to step back from our obsession with productivity.”

The ‘Xec course member

“Really, really fascinating. One of those sessions where I realised just how much there is to learn when it comes to my own DEI journey, specifically around disabled talent. Sara was so engaging and insightful and I’ve written down lots of notes to take back to my workplace of things we can and should be doing better.

― The ‘Xec course member
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Do you have a question about disability inclusion or any aspect of wider diversity and inclusion but feel awkward asking it in a public space? You can send it to us anonymously and we’ll publish an answer on our site.