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Public Relations should be for all

Diversity, inclusion, representation. However you describe it, we need to widen the pool of people working in PR. INPR is here to provide insight, training, and support in DEI, with a special focus on disability

Me, Sara Thornhurst, a white woman with grey hair is sitting on a tree trunk smiling at the camera.

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What people are saying

Sara’s session was informative and super enlightening. As a result of her session, I was able to take a step back and take stock of my privilege as someone without a disability and how I might unconsciously be perpetuating ableist views. I really enjoyed the breakout group sessions where (in my group), we had to think of inclusive ways for measuring success and promoting individuals with a disability. It led to some really interesting conversations in my group, specifically how hard it is to step back from our obsession with productivity.”

The ‘Xec course member

Really, really fascinating. One of those sessions where I realised just how much there is to learn when it comes to my own DEI journey, specifically around disabled talent. Sara was so engaging and insightful and I’ve written down lots of notes to take back to my workplace of things we can and should be doing better.

― The ‘Xec course member